Meetup at Wijs

Beyond PHP

Most PHP developers focus on writing code. But creating Web applications is about much more than just writing PHP. Take a step outside the PHP cocoon and into the big PHP ecosphere to find out how small code changes can make a world of difference on servers and networks. This talk is an eye-opener for developers who spend over 80% of their time coding, debugging and testing.

By Wim Godden,

Exploring The Language of Collections

Let’s go down the rabbithole of collections, and see where we get when we start refactoring our code towards more insight. Is it the functional programming aspect, the abstraction over a collection, or the declarative style that makes these kinds of refactorings work? Probably all of them. Does the way we talk about collections impact the way we think about them? We’ll see if we can find strategies that work, and things that we can improve on.

By Toon Daelman