Monitoring Applications And Beyond – March 2018


Always wondered how you could monitor your applications after they are deployed? Monitor this meetup! As always: free entrance and nice people to get in contact with!


Teye (Level23)


Monitoring Applications And Beyond

This talk is for programmers/devops who have created applications and published them in production. I guess you all have done that. But how do you know if your application is still running okay? Is it responding quick enough? Is the database not getting too slow? Are there any unprocessed queue records which are not being processed?
And what about the host where it is running on? Is the disk filling up slowly? Or is the host’s CPU usage getting at a critical point?
When we started developing our applications, we did not monitor at all. We had an expensive S.L.A. at our hosting provider who made sure the machines where up and running. But then we wanted more…
We now monitor all our applications and servers ourself. In this talk we like to share our experience with you. We will describe the tools we use and how they work. We hope to convince you to also monitor your applications and hosts. Maybe you will even consider to end your expensive S.L.A. with your hosting provider…


19.00 – Opening
19.30 – Teye – Monitoring Applications And Beyond
20.30 – Closing / Social