Monthly Meeting – September/2016


19:00 – Doors open
19:30 – Talk 
20:30 – Raffles, and announcements 
20:45 – Social, drinks and Pizza

Talk: Queue-based refactoring approach using RabbitMQ 

Queue is one of the simplest and oldest data structures in Computer Science, perhaps so simple we often overlook its value. In this talk I’ll describe an approach I took to decompose business sensitive processes into digestible pieces using popular messaging application – RabbitMQ. I will describe the ways you can use queues in any kind of applications and the way they help you to reason about your components.

Speaker: Aleksandr Guljajev

Aleksandr has been in software development for over 10 years with most of the time working with web technologies. He worked on numerous small-to-large back-end applications, including high-traffic media websites and billing systems. Last 5 years Aleksandr was busy working on business critical legacy systems, improving stability and overall performance.