Monthly Meeting – January/2018

Talk details
Moving from legacy to event-driven with Kafka by Jeroen van der Gullik

One of the biggest problems when dealing with legacy is any change to the software might break the old system. Refactoring is usually slow and dangerous. In this talk I will discuss how we successful migrated an ancient legacy project to an event-driven architecture using just the power of events and Kafka.

Important details for location

RSVPs are required to get into Schiphol for obvious security issues, so be sure to RSVP before the day of the event and keep your RSVP up to date. (No +1 allowed, please RSVP individually)

Parking: Park at P12 (5 mins away at Evert van Beekstraat 178, 1118 CP Schiphol), at the reception your ticket can be adjusted for free parking.

Public Transport: Take train to Schiphol, then either walk 10 mins or grab a bus.