Monthly Meeting June

19:00 – Doors open
19:30 – Talk
20:30 – Raffles, and announcements
20:45 – Social, drinks and food

Talk: Adopting new technologies/concepts

Change is inevitable in software development. How do we keep up with the ever changing world and the need to adjust to it? How do we keep existing systems/projects up to date and maintainable? How to select tools/concepts suitable for the use case at hand? What to consider when applying a new tool or concept and how does it improve/benefit the project. I will be highlighting considerations/decisions made in recent projects with focus on maintainability, evolvabilty and scalability while adopting new concepts and technologies.

Speaker: Frank Naber

Frank works at OSRE in Amsterdam as a backend developer. He likes strict code/rules, well functioning systems and insights to running systems. He takes every opportunity to improve quality and performance. He’s always on the lookout for new technologies/concepts to adapt. He is also constantly tinkering with new ideas and trying to take a different look at problems.