Monthly Meeting – October/2015

Summer is gone and the waters of autumn are here, so let’s hunker down and talk about clean code. 

19:00: Welcome Drinks 
19:30 – 20:30: Talk 
20:30 – 20:45: Raffle 
20:45: Social, drinks and Pizza

Talk: Clean Code == Pure Conscience

What are the fragments that destroy our projects? What are the basic mistakes we all make? What aspects we underestimate in our work? In this talk we are going to find out how not to destroy a project.
During project’s development, sooner or later we enter a stage of fighting our own code. Furthermore, such situations can decrease team motivation and can even bring our projects to failure. Sounds familiar?
On the other hand, maintaining clean code can significantly improve our speed of development. In fact, developers will benefit from clean code by simplifying their work in the long run.
In this talk we are going to summarize some clean code principles, discipline, common mistakes, refactoring and more.

Speaker: Yoan-Alexander Grigorov

Yoan-Alexander is a PHP developer with over 8 years of professional experience in enterprise software development. His favorite topics are Domain-Driven Design, Patterns, Refactoring and other code quality related methodologies in general. Inspired by people like Martin Fowler, Eric Evans, Kent Beck, Uncle Bob (and many more), Yoan’s main objective as a programmer is to follow the best practices in terms of code quality, and bring flexible, testable and easy to maintain web applications.

We got some awesome stuff to give away this month, so make sure you attend another awesome meetup!

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