Monthly Meeting – November/2015

Foggy November has rolled in, but worry not we will be shinning a bright light into Software Metrics to point your way.

19:00: Welcome Drinks 
19:30 – 20:30: Talk 
20:30 – 20:45: Raffle 
20:45: Social, drinks and Pizza

Talk: Measuring Maintainability; Software metrics explained

In a world of ever-changing business requirements, how can you keep your software moving at the same pace? If you keep adding lines of code around previous iterations to add new functionality, things can become complex quite fast. By measuring complexity, you can resolve and prevent bugs, while measuring class responsibility can make refactoring easier.

In this talk, Dennis will go through certain concepts and definitions of analyzing software with automated tools to report metrics that tell a story about your code.

Speaker: Dennis de Greef

Dennis de Greef is a software engineer at TransIP, having worked primarily on the backend of the VPS platform. He loves the thin line between software engineering and infrastructure automation and choosing the right tool for the job. In his spare time, he plays around with different languages and concepts and is improving his custom home automation setup.

We got some awesome stuff to give away this month, so make sure you attend another awesome meetup!

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