Monthly Meeting – April/2017

19:00 – Doors open 
19:30 – Talk 
20:30 – Raffles, and announcements 
20:45 – Social, drinks and Pizza

Talk: Live applications monitoring with Pinba

Nowadays, when anyone asks about application performance monitoring for PHP applications, one of the most popular answers will be NewRelic. Some people might also mention AppDynamics as another proprietary solution, and maybe also statsd together with some time-series database as an open-source way. In my presentation I’ll explain, how these systems work, what they have in common, and we will build our own monitoring solution based on another open-source project – Pinba.

Speaker: Ilia Kondrashov

I started developing websites in 2002, and it’s still my main focus of the daily job. Was born in Russia, since 2014 moved to Amsterdam. Most of the time  was working with PHP, however last year for more a more tasks I choose Golang. Was involved in development from multiple angles: development itself, collecting and arranging business requirements, setting up dev/acceptation/live environments together with testing and deployment flows, configuring and monitoring servers infrastructure, application architecture. Besides business and infrastructure background, development itself was always the most interesting for me. I enjoy also sharing knowledge – that’s why I love meetups.