Monthly Meeting – August 2015

Whether it’s your keys, your phone, or the meaning of life, finding stuff is hard. At least finding text strings in piles of data can be easy. This month’s topic is full text search! Mallory will show you how using Sphinx, the easy-peasy, bad-to-the-bone search engine that integrates with your database.

This month has food and drinks sponsored by the excellent folks at Keylane|Quinity! They’re happy to share their terrace, office and handy parking spots (through the gate to the left of the Quinity office building, open after 18:00). We’ll also have raffles, the return of the rubber ducks and another update about the conference this November!

19:00 – Welcome with drinks & food 
19:30 – Main Talk: Full-Text Search and Sphinx (search engine)
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social!

Main Talk: Full-Text Search and Sphinx (search engine)
This is almost two talks: the first half (“half” meaning “some part”) will be about the basics (sorry) of Full-Text Search, while the other half introduces the Sphinx Search Engine. While there may be a comparison note here and there with Lucene-based SE’s, mostly I’m just going to tell what Sphinx can do and what it’s best at.

Lucene/SOLR/ES fan-boys are free to interject at any time 🙂

Speaker Bio: Mallory (@stommepoes)
I’m an office worker who gets paid to copy <strike> and <font> tags from one website to another. This is like a front-ender but without the cool Javascript MVC frameworks and the CSS preprocessors and all that CI stuff that suddenly got all hip. Also interested in web accessibility and that’s not hip either, I see.

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