Monthly Meeting – January 2016

In tech, we’re constantly facing new clients, new fields and new problems. No worries though, we can solve their issues: that is…once we understand them. This month’s topic is Domain Driven Design: we might not be experts in every field, but we can learn to communicate with people who are and capture it in code.

With food and drinks provided by the awesome folks at Leukeleu, let’s start the New Year in style!

19:00 – Welcome with food & drinks
19:30 – Main Talk: Domain Driven Design
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social!

Main Talk – Domain Driven Design
In this talk I’ll give a high level overview of Domain-Driven Design, with a bit of a different perspective than usual. I’ll show how DDD provides guidance and solutions for problems on the design, communication and culture side of projects. I do this by visiting subjects such as Modeling, Bounded Contexts and Core Domain. It won’t be a complete introduction to DDD, but you will be able to follow it if you don’t have any previous DDD experience or knowledge. For people who have extensive experience with DDD, I hope it will act as a nice refresher with a somewhat different flavor.

Speaker – Freek Paans
I’m currently the CTO at Infi, a Utrecht based software company that specializes in building custom software solutions that matter. As the CTO, my primary job is making sure we deliver software in a way that makes sense. This involves choosing the right processes, making sure there is a platform for sharing knowledge, and a bunch of other things.

Before I took this job, I was working as a developer on various projects. For me, the primary goal of a software developer, or company for that matter, is building the right software. It doesn’t really matter what the specific language or technology I use, as long it contributes to that goal. I guess one of my passions is to always find better ways of doing so.

On the personal side, I live in Gorinchem with my girlfriend and dog, and in my spare time I enjoy drinking a couple of beers with my friends.