Monthly Meeting – March 2015

With spring right around the corner, what better time to dust off your data, rearrange the furniture and consider a new database? This month’s topic is Cassandra, a massive scale database used by some of the biggest companies in the world. With food, drinks and space graciously provided by the fine folks at Infi, you won’t want to miss this one.

19:00 – Welcome with drinks & snacks 
19:30 – Lightning Talk: “Javascript and the The Promised Land, Maybe”
19:45- Main Talk: “Storing Data the Cassandra Way”
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social! 

Main Talk: Storing Data the Cassandra Way
With the rise of cloud computing and big data, use cases have emerged for which your standard SQL database is no longer a good fit. This can be because of scale, robustness, or the data simply not being relational in nature. As a result of this, a large number of NoSQL database systems have emerged. In this talk we will discuss one of the coolest database systems out there: Cassandra. 

Speaker: Freek van Polen
Developer and platform team leader at Sense. Creating context awareness from sensor data. Background in Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Sensor Networks and Self Organization.  Some personal information: Hobbies: Soccer, Games, Bass guitar, Pets: none, Favorite language: Go

Lightning Talk: Javascript and the The Promised Land, Maybe
In this talk, you’ll see how to leverage functional programming techniques to keep javascript code maintainable and easily refactorable. Without covering all the scary math behind Category Theory, we’ll look at how Monads can help us beat callback hell and null pointer exceptions at runtime.

Speaker: Arian van Putten
Arian van Putten is a second year Computer Science student but his love for computer science started long before that. He used to be addicted to trying out every little obscure language in existence but nowadays he spends most of his time messing around with Haskell and other functional programming languages and has grown quite fond of them. With most of the big players now exploring functional programming, Arian is convinced that in a few years functional programming will dominate the web and now is a good time to look at the paradigm.

Venue Notes
If you’d like to come by car, Infi has a limited number of park spots available. If you’d like to reserve one, you can email Wolf Hijlkema at [masked] and they’ll gladly provide one!

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