Monthly Meeting – November 2015

We might’ve had a big conference but programming is all about the little things. This month’s topic is Code Calisthenics: a set of tiny exercises that help ensure the code you write today isn’t the code you hate tomorrow.

With a mega size hall provided by our good friends at UVIS (not to mention food and drinks), come sit with new friends and old as we enjoy our last technical meeting of the year!

The talk will be hosted in Collegezaal 3. Just take a right as soon as you enter the school and continue to the end of the hall.

19:00 – Welcome with food & drinks
19:30 – Main Talk: Writing Code That Lasts
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social! 

Main Talk – Writing Code That Lasts
As developers we write code everyday, only to frown at it a week after that. Why do we have such a hard time with code written by others and ourselves, this raging desire to rewrite everything we see? Writing code that survives the test of time and self judgment is a matter of clarity and simplicity. Let’s talk about growing, learning and improving our code with calisthenics, readability and good design.

Speaker – Rafael Dohms
A graduated Computer Engineer, Rafael Dohms has vast experience in the PHP ecosystem as a Developer, Speaker and Contributor. Addicted in building communities he has founded various groups where ever he lives, currently he is to blame for AmsterdamPHP. Developer by career but teacher by vocation he travels the world sharing interest in quality code, innovation and building careers. In his free time you will likely find him gaming or contributing to open source projects.His contribution hit list includes many projects, from PHP itself to frameworks like Symfony, Zend and projects such as Doctrine and Composer. His hobby is mentoring new Speakers that eventually take speaking slots away from him in future events, a strategy he still thinks is not very smart. Not one to listen to himself he keeps mentoring and suggesting developers everywhere create their own User Groups to grow their networks and knowledge.