Monthly Meeting – September 2015

Autumn came early this year, with thunder and lightning and the days already getting darker. However, DomCode strikes again this month with 4 (!) lightning talks in a row. Every speaker will shine their light on a different topic.

This months venue is provided by the nice people of who have gone through great lengths to provide us with a very special venue: an actual theatre.

If you need more info on how to find the venue read the Dutch directions or send us a message.

Note that we are still looking for a food sponsor, if your company would like to sponsor let us know! 

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19:00 – Welcome 
19:30 – Lightning talk Rust
19:45 – Lightning talk Stack overflow tips
20:00 – Lightning talk DNS
20:15 – Lightning talk Software metrics 
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social! 

Detailed information on the talks:

•  Rust –  Adolfo Ochagavía

Rust is a new systems programming language pursuing the trifecta: safety, concurrency, and speed. One of the most praised features of Rust is its ability to guarantee memory safety without garbage collection, although there are many other amazing features as well (such as C-like speed and guaranteed thread safety). In this talk we will handle the philosophy behind the language and how its main features can be applied to common programming tasks.

Adolfo Ochagavía is a third year Computer Science student with a big interest in programming languages and compilers. He has work experience as a full-stack developer and is now teaching assistant of Functional Programming and Languages and Compilers at the UU. A bit more than a year ago he begon contributing to the Rust ecosystem. By now he has written several patches for the compiler and other Rust-related projects. He also enjoys programming in Haskell and C#.

• Stack Overflow ⚡ Top Ten Tips! – Jeroen Heijmans @jeroenheijmans

Stack Overflow, much like your IDE or your favorite FOSS project, is something you can and should try to get the most out of. This Lightning Talk will run down the most important tips for doing so, thus improving your worth as a developer!

About Jeroen Heijmans
Software developer, gamer, chef, and Stack Exchange fan from the Netherlands. Jeroen’s been programming since the 1990s in a range of languages including BASIC, C++, VB6, Perl, PHP, Java, Prolog, Haskell, and most recently C#, SQL, and JavaScript. Find him online

• DNS – Pieter Lexis @lieter_

In this talk, Pieter will enlighten you on the concepts and 
implementations of the 30-year old, highly-available, eventually 
consistent database with globally unique identifiers known as the Domain 
Name System. He’ll also discuss how the DNS is secured and how you can 
use that to further secure your applications. 

About Pieter he is, for some reason, somewhat obsessed with the 
DNS. He works for PowerDNS, a Dutch open-source company focused on 
building and supporting the DNS server with the same name, as a 
Developer, Operations and internet-standards (RFC)-guy. 

Software metrics – Dennis de Greef – @dennisdegreef

In a world of ever-changing business requirements, how can you keep your software moving at the same pace?
If you keep adding lines of code around the previous iteration to add new functionality, things can become complex quite fast.
By measuring complexity, you can resolve and prevent bugs, while measuring class responsibility can make refactoring easier, for example.

In this talk he will go through certain concepts of analysing software with automated tools to spit out numbers which tell a story about your code.