March Meetup at BeCode

Hello Brussels! Our first meetup will be hosted at BeCode, who are so kind to open up their office space for us. We’ve got two cool talks lined up for you: Ben Bridts will talk on going Serverless and Alain Vandermeersch will talk about Hybrid WordPress – Laravel Applications.&nbsp;<br><br>In case you haven’t noticed, we plan to organise this meetup monthly on the first Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in front- back-end, devops or anything in between, keep an eye out for our future events.<br/>

We hope to see you soon,<br/>
Dries, Rias & Freek<br/>
19:00 Doors<br>20:00 Talks<br/>

Going Serverless with AWS: Creating applications without provisioning or managing servers by Ben Bridts<br><br>The AWS platform has a bunch of services&nbsp; to make your application “serverless”. We will take a look at what defines something to be serverless and how we can leverage services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway and S3 to build our own applications to be cost-effective, scalable and highly-available.<br><br>Speaker: Ben created his first AWS account in 2010 and has been all-in on AWS since 2015. Currently he is part of the team at Cloudar, an AWS Premier Consulting partner, where he is working together with businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprises; providing architectural and operational support and sharing his experiences along the way. Currently his favourite services are CloudFormation, Lambda, KMS, CloudFront and Lambda@Edge. He pronounces AMI as A-M-I.<br><br>Length: 60 minutes<br/>
Developing Hybrid WordPress – Laravel Applications by Alain Vandermeersch<br><br>The presentation will showcase the technical integration of a WordPress Web Site&nbsp; including a Woocommerce Web Shop with a Back-End Laravel Application managing orders and customers, where both systems feed each other through a common SQL DataBase. Communication between both is achieved by Woocommerce and Payment Systems API’s on one direction, and WordPress Plugins on the other direction.<br><br>Speaker: Alain Vandermeersch is a retired Civil Engineer and IT Professional with a long career with IBM and Euroclear Bank, focusing since early 2016 in developing Intelligent Web Sites using WordPress and PHP.<br><br>Length: 30 minutes<br><br/>