Monthly Meetup – April 2019

Lightning moves fast and so does this month’s meetup! In just one hour, we’re going to cover deploying without fear, hacking apps with accessibility tools, shipping a game on a shoestring everything and the innermost reaches of your brainsssss. That’s right, all this and more at this month’s lightning talk extravaganza!

With food, drinks and space from the wonderful folks at Inspire (, it’s going to be a heck of a night but remember: don’t blink or you might miss it!

19:00 – Doors open with food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome
19:35 – Fearless Deployments
19:50 – Exploiting Accessibility
20:05 – Limits vs Ambition
20:20 – Cognitive Six: A Process For Thinking
20:35 – Raffle & News
20:40 – Social!

Lightning Talk: Fearless Deployments
I’d like to give a short walk-through of our deployment pipeline, showing what’s possible and realistic today using free and open source tools to deploy to production without fear, even on Friday afternoon.

Lightning Talk: Exploiting Accessibility
Quick walkthroughs of exploits which use assistive technologies or accessibility settings to be evil.

Lightning Talk: Limits vs. Ambition
Imagine a side-project for a conference stand. You have a team of four developers (each with a full-time job) and a two months deadline. Plenty of ambitious ideas but also very real limits.

In this talk we’ll explore how can we contain those ambitions in order to create something that is realistically achievable while still making an impression. We’ll also take a quick dive into some of the technical feats that make up the final result, which includes Rust, OpenGL and a JavaScript game library.

Title: Cognitive Six: A Process For Thinking
Processes are everywhere. Once you are aware and understand how processes work, they’ll eerily similar. We’ll look at the Cognitive Six and see how our brains naturally organize information.

Our speakers!
Bio: Vincent Tunru (@VincentTunru)
I’m a front-end engineer working to open up access to academic research. I blog at, and you can follow me on Twitter.

Bio: Mallory (@stommepoes)
Mallory loves scotch and cookies. She’s been working too long in accessibility and really needs more scotch and cookies

Bio: Peer Fisser
Peer is a former Physics student from Utrecht University who did various jobs after study; building websites, teaching mathematics among other things. He worked for 1,5 years at Centric as a full stack developer and is now employed at Infi Utrecht as a full stack developer. He has always enjoyed creating games and mods as pet projects.

Bio: Roland van Laar (@rvanlaar)
Roland is an independent IT consultant who helps businesses use IT. Be it unstucking a project or building software and bringing ideas into reality. He started 16 years ago in IT and has since gotten experience in various roles such as, sysadmin, devops, teaching, coder, project lead, architect and advisor. Now he’s working on helping companies by focusing on process. Feel free to come up and have a chat with him after the talk!