Monthly Meetup – August 2016

“Hah, they’re just spending all day in meetings. That’s not even real work.” we say, looking at the lead developer. “Why would they even want to live that kind of life?” Well…maybe there’s more to it than we think… This month’s speaker Pascal de Vink is convinced so and will take you behind the curtain as he explains the “Things I Was Unprepared For As A Lead Developer.” Whether you’re looking to level up or just understand the higher ups, this is one to see.

This month we’ll be hosting a smaller group than normal: 15 people at The Penthouse, a cool co-working space based in a werfkelder (talk to Nick Spelt about their open desks). We’ll still have pizza, drinks and an awesome talk like always so be sure to sign up!

Why is this meetup so late? And small?
Well, it’s always hard to find a meetup location for DomCode. It’s even harder during summer vacation season. We could really use help finding more venues so please talk to your companies about helping us, either with space or sponsorship.

19:00 – Welcome
19:30 – Main Talk: Things I Was Unprepared For As A Lead Developer
20:15 – Raffle & News
20:20 – Social!

Main Talk: Things I Was Unprepared For As A Lead Developer
This is not a story of how I survived a big technology company or startup. This is not the story of a young junior developer working his way through the ranks to become the greatest leader of all.

No. Instead, this is the story of how I became a lead developer and all the things I did wrong. It’s about delegating, culture building, mentoring, planning, meetings (oh dreadful meetings), upper management and all the other stuff that a leader has to go through. It’s also about all the fun I had and the things I learned. Next to that, I’m going to hand out some tips that can prepare you for the job a little better. And hopefully, it will inspire you to be the greatest leader of all.

Speaker: Pascal de Vink
Pascal has been a software engineer, with a passion for the web, for a decade. Currently working at TicketSwap and in his free time he is one of the organisers of AmsterdamPHP.