Monthly Meetup – August 2018

They say the path to…heck…is paved with good intentions. And that’s all we want, to do a good job. But what happens when we do a little too much of a good job?

This month, Mete Bulutay discusses “Over-Engineering: The Hidden Monster.” In this interactive session, we’ll work together to describe our experiences and figure out how to escape a trap of your own design.

With food, drinks and space by our new friends at (, this is one evening you’ll want to own!

19:00 – Doors open with food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome
19:35 – Talk: Over-engineering – The Hidden Monster
20:25 – Raffle & News
20:30 – Social!

Talk: Over-engineering: The hidden monster
This session describes how over-engineering appears in different stages of a software project and how it damages the project, by showcasing past experiences of the speaker in a funny way. After showcasing each project, solutions to how to prevent over-engineering were covered with positive experiences from the past as well. This is an interactive session where the attendants are encouraged to share their experiences and discussing how negative effects of over-engineering could be minimized in those particular cases.

Speaker: Mete Bulutay
Mete Bulutay is a senior software engineer with 14 years of experience in software design & development most of which were spent in working in public sector and defence projects in his homeland, Turkey. He is living in Netherlands since last year and he is currently working for 4C Insights, located in Eindhoven.