Monthly Meetup – February 2019

They say you can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…but nobody said it was on the same road. This month, Job van Achterberg returns to discuss The Imitation Game. How effective in understanding a disability is simulating a disability yourself? For that matter…how effective are simulations at all? We can talk about it but what does science say about it? Together, let’s find out.

Our fine friends at Infi will be hosting us once again, as well as providing some healthy food and drink (vegetarians and vegans, step right up!) as we

19:00 – Doors open with food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome
19:35 – Talk: The Imitation Game
20:25 – Raffle & News
20:30 – Social!

Talk: The Imitation Game
Disability simulations are controversial. Some consider them a useful teaching tool, while others, especially those in the disability community, consider them flawed approaches, prone to stigmatisation.

What evidence have psychological studies shown regarding the effects of disability simulations, and can disability simulations bring added value towards the design and development process? A research-backed look at simulation effectiveness.

Speaker: Job van Achterberg (@detonite)
Job works on web accessibility software at Tenon, and helps old ladies cross the street as a volunteer firefighter. He speaks on the intersection between assistive technology and ethics. He’ll talk about writing quality Perl if you buy him some scotch.