Monthly Meetup – March 2016

Despite what your boss thinks, programs don’t just appear straight out of specifications. But…what if they did? This month’s topic is “Program Derivation for Functional Languages.” Assistant Professor and Speaker Extraordinaire Felienne Hermans will show you how to do exactly that, albeit with some very specific specifications.

With food and drink sponsored by the excellent folks at SURFnet (at their fancy new office), it’s going to be a great evening so RSVP early!

19:00 – Welcome with food & drinks 
19:30 – Main Talk: Program Derivation for Functional Languages
20:30 – Raffle & News 
20:35 – Social! 

Main Talk: Program Derivation for Functional Languages
Program derivation of course was all the rage in the era of Dijkstra, but is it still relevant today in the age of TDD and model checking? Felienne thinks so! 

In this session she will show you how to systematically and step-by-step derive a program from a specification. Functional languages especially are very suited to derive programs for, as they are close to the mathematical notation used for proofs. 

You will be surprised to know that you already know and apply many techniques for derivation, like Introduce Parameter as supported by Resharper. Did you know that is actually program derivation technique called generalization?

Speaker: Felienne Hermans
Felienne is assistant professor at Delft University of Technology. In 2013, she defended her PhD thesis ‘Analyzing and Visualizing Spreadsheets’, after which she remained in Delft to continue working on the application of software engineering methods to spreadsheets, assisted by an STW Open Competition grant.

During her PhD she founded a company called Infotron, which brings her spreadsheet quality analysis tools to the market, currently serving customers including KLM Air France and Robeco.

One of Felienne’s biggest passions in life is to share enthusiasm for programming with others. She teaches a bunch of kids LEGO Mindstorms programming every Saturday in a local community center and is one of the founders of the Joy of Coding conference, a one day developer conference in Rotterdam, celebrating the love for programming.