Monthly Meetup – March 2018

We’ve always been about a wide array of interests and this month’s meetup is here to prove it. With four talks to watch (not to mention food and drink from our good friends, there’s something here for everyone!

19:00 – Doors open with food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome
19:35 – Talk: Intro to OpenTracing
19:50 – Talk: DDD – Data Driven Design*
20:05 – Talk: Things That Disappointed Me When I First Learned C++ at University
20:20 – Talk: Wouldn’t It Be More Fun To Watch Netflix Instead? How To Overcome Procrastination
20:35 – Raffle & News
20:40 – Social!

Talk: Intro to OpenTracing
Building distributed systems is hard. Building distributed systems that are also highly observable is even harder. A number of tools exist that can help you with it but usually this means some level of vendor lock-in. This talk will give a quick introduction to distributed tracing using the OpenTracing API that can help you get more insight in your system without that lock-in.

Talk: DDD – Data Driven Design*
As developers we’ve come a long way. From functional and technical designs, as thick as a book, we went to our various agile methodologies and directly involving customers. We even went as far as talking to domain experts and using their language in our code! What more can we do, one might say….

What if our customers are wrong? What if the domain experts assume? Who can we turn to, to uncover the _real_ truth? Let’s look at ways to get into contact with the actual users of our software and take the next stride in creating better products

Talk: Things That Disappointed Me When I First Learned C++ at University
No programming languages will be hurt during this talk. That would violate the CoC.

Talk: Wouldn’t it be more fun to watch Netflix instead? How to overcome procrastination
Especially creative people — designers and developers — often experience the effects of wasting time and coming into distress to meet deadlines. It feels devastating, even guilty. You probably also have thoughts like: “Why can I make the best-laid plans and still fall into the trap of cleaning the house or watching Netflix for the next six hours instead of doing this really important project?” Procrastination makes no sense at all, still many of us suffer from it, not being able to shake that habit off, waiting until the very last minute to get work done. In this insightful talk, Albert Schiemann takes you on a journey to find out what´s the real cause of procrastination and how to stop being your own worst enemy, so that you are finally able to get the sh*t done.

Speaker: Freek Lijten
Freek is a former developer turned product owner with a passion for building the right thing, the right way.

Speaker: Anna Baas
Anna is a developer at Infi who spends way too much time staring dreamily at distance learning math course descriptions and regularly does not touch a computer for longer than 48 hours at a stretch.

Speaker: Albert Schiemann
I’m a left-handed interactive media designer from Germany, now living in Utrecht.

Speaker: Rio Kierkels
Having a soft spot for film, visual effects and technology, Rio joined the creative production studio Ambassadors where he’d work on projects involving a multitude of disciplines including visual effects, virtual reality, hardware installations and distributed systems.