Monthly Meetup – May 2018

Sharing is hard. Sharing memory is a nightmare. But fear not, through some machinations and clever captions, Laurens Duijvensteijn is here to introduce you to Software Transactional Memory, an awesome way to keep your state sorted.

With food, drinks and (non-shared) seats from our good friends at Infi, this is one talk you’ll be sharing about for quite some time to come!

19:00 – Doors open with food & drinks
19:30 – Welcome
19:35 – Talk: ​Transactions of Actions: Retry on the Fly with Software Transactional Memory
20:25 – Raffle & News
20:30 – Social!

Main Talk: Transactions of Actions: Retry on the Fly with Software Transactional Memory
Programming with shared memory concurrency is difficult and error prone. Getting your concurrency control Just Right (TM) often involves a lot of tears and deadlocks.

That whole ordeal would all be worth it if you could at least re-use tiny, correct bits of code as building blocks for larger operations. Sadly, composing two pieces of concurrent logic requires rethinking about your locks all over again.

Software Transactional Memory retries operations on failure instead of trying to ensure they succeed. Come find out how STM helps with concurrent craziness!

Speaker: Laurens Duijvesteijn
Laurens works on development and operations at Channable in Utrecht. He is interested in Linux, functional programming, distributed systems, correctness, and making programs that work well when people use them.