Monthly meetup – October 2015

After his Scala introduction talk last year, Erik Bakker (@eamelink) is back with a more in depth talk: . If you’re not in to Scala or functional programming yet, come over, meet folks who are and learn!

This months venue, food and drinks are provided by the nice people of one of the Netherlands largest online retailers: They’re a located a little further from the city centre but if you look at the scale they operate at you understand why, well worth the visit.

Also we’ll give you the latests updates on our conference!

19:00 – Welcome with drinks & food
19:30 – Main Talk: Erik Bakker – Context powerups in Scala
20:30 – Raffle & News
20:35 – Social!

Main talk: “Futures, Options and Eithers united: Context powerups in Scala.”

Everything is a value. But the value you’re interested in, often comes with a context: it might be optional, it might be there eventually, but not just yet. It might error out on you, or it might carry a log with it. It might need a dependency before it can be computed, or it might change the world if you want it. 

Some of these contexts are well known like Javascript’s Promise and Scala’s Future for asynchronous values, or Haskell’s Maybe and Scala’s Option for optional values. 

Since asynchronous and optional values are so ubiquitous, we regularly run into situations where values carry both contexts, which quickly leads to awkward code dealing with them. 

In this talk we look a bit better at some of these contexts, at how useful they are and how we can fuse multiple of these contexts into one superpower context that’s easy to work with. It’s full of code, and we’re going to build everything from scratch. 

Speaker Bio: 
Former PHP and Java developer, switched to Scala in 2010. Programs mostly web application backend for large and small clients. Into the Play web framework. Co-authored ‘Play for Scala’ book, published by Manning. Going more functional with Scala and leaning towards Haskell.