Monthly Meetup – October 2016

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. We disagree, because it’s time for another edition of DomCode lightning talks! This month we’ve got three electrifying talks about Docker, Event Storming and Accessibility.

• Job van Achterberg will demonstrate a whole new way to interact with your computer as he brings us “Fun With Assistive Technology.”

• Next in a neatly ordered sequence, Jeroen vd Gulik will give us “A General and Mostly Wrong Introduction to Event Storming” (trust me, hide your post-it notes folks, we’re about to experience a shortage).

• Finally, our very own Lucas van Lierop will make his on-stage debut as he presents “Running Linux Desktop Applications in Containers 101 a.k.a Debug Crap All The Time” 

This month’s edition will have food, drink and space brought to you by the awesome folks at StackState. While the talks will start at the usual time, they’ll be opening the doors a bit early as they’re laying out an Italian buffet for you and also because the talks will be in a different building so it will take a few minutes for everyone to get there.

Meanwhile, we’re readying the last bit of exciting news for our conference in just a few weeks, though if you don’t hurry you might not get a ticket!

18:15 – Doors Open Early & Food Available
19:15 – Short walk to presentation room
19:30 – Welcome 
19:35 – Talk: Fun With Assistive Technology 
19:50 – Talk: A General and Mostly Wrong Introduction to Event Storming 
20:05 – Running Linux Desktop Applications in Containers 101 a.k.a Debug Crap All The Time 
20:20 – Raffle & News 
20:25 – Social!

Title: Fun with Assistive Tech
Abstract: Demonstrations of two major assistive technologies and how it hooks into proper HTML semantics, using humour as delivery mechanism. Shameless plugging of inclusive design meetups and where to attend them.

Title: A General and Mostly Wrong Introduction to Event Storming
Lately there is a lot of buzz around Event Storming. Many people have heard about it and are excited to learn more. In this talk I will try to explain what Event Storming is all about, why it is such a powerful tool and why you might try it yourself.

Title: Running Linux Desktop Applications in Containers 101 a.k.a Debug Crap All The Time
While many developers use Linux containers to run web applications nowadays only a few have tried to run their desktop applications in a container. Lucas, standing on the shoulders of giants, gave it a try and will share his experiences. This introductory talk will highlight some  of the advantages and pitfalls of running and ‘installing’ containerized  desktop applications.

Speaker: Job van Achterberg
Job is a freelance software developer who loves making things accessible.

Speaker: Jeroen vd Gulik
Teamlead, software developer and occasional speaker. Mainly interested in complex domains, scaling, software architecture and process management. Specializes in custom build, large scale video platforms. 

Speaker: Lucas van Lierop
Lucas likes to create, whether it’s software, hardware or community events. He’s a software engineer at Ibuildings at day and DomCode organizer at night. In his spare time he’s spending time with his family or rebuilding his house or his car.

Travelling with public transport or car?
There’s a train station ‘Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn‘ and a car parking both right across the street.