Monthly meetup – October 2018

Due to a miscommunication we unfortunately were not able to find a host for the October meetup. Luckily we have an emergency funds for situations like this and we’ve found a lovely space called In De Ruimte to host the meetup. Our friends at Infi are chipping in for foods, so we’ll make sure your bellies are full before Jordy Moos will take you into the world of web components.

19:00 – Doors open with Food and drinks
19.30 – Welcome
19.35 – Talk: Adding a bit of static type checking to a world of Web Components
20.25 – Raffle & News
20.30 – Social!

Jordy Moos will be diving into the world of web components with his talk:

Adding a bit of static type checking to a world of Web Components

Web Components are a set of web platform API that focus on encapsulation and reusability that will soon be supported in all browsers. This means they can be used for free, at the opposite of frameworks like React.
Web Components allow for great modularity, but can actually become very difficult to maintain and extend in large applications.
Could a strongly, statically typed (and pure!) language like Elm solve those issues? This is what we will investigate together…

Jordy Moos is a self-taught software engineer with a broad scale of interests such as functional-, reactive-, and game- programming. At the age of 12 he started with JavaScript and at the age of 14 he built a text-based browser game. At the moment he works at the Daily Banking tribe of ING Domestic NL were he improves his programming skills by combining multiple disciplines using Polymer, Elm and Scala among others. Next to work he spends most of his time kitesurfing.