Monthly Meetup – September 2016

It’s there. The mountain. A giant monolith of code that blocks everything we do. But there’s no rewriting it. What can we do? How can we continue? Don’t worry, because this month’s speaker Michiel Rook is here to help! He’s going to speak from his experience tweaking, refactoring and replacing a…less than stellar…code base to Continuous Deployment.

With food and drinks hosted by the great folks at Qii, on site at the Hogeschool Utrecht, with updates about November’s conference, it’s going to be a great evening!

19:00 – Welcome
19:30 – Main Talk: The Road To Continuous Deployment: A Case Study
20:15 – Raffle & News
20:20 – Social!

Title: The Road To Continuous Deployment: A Case Study
It’s a situation many of us are familiar with: a large legacy application, limited or no tests, slow & manual release process, low velocity, no confidence…. Oh, and management wants new features, fast.

But how to proceed? Using examples and lessons learned from a real-world case, I’ll show you how to strangle a legacy application with a modern service architecture and build a continuous integration and deployment pipeline to deliver value from the first sprint. On the way, we’ll take a look at the process, automated testing, monitoring, master/trunk based development and various (possibly controversial!) tips and best practices.

Speaker: Michiel Rook
Michiel Rook is a PHP/Java/Scala contractor from the Netherlands and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He loves coaching teams to develop better software and implement continuous deployment. He is a member of the Dutch Web Alliance and is one of the people behind the build tool Phing. He is an Army reservist and enjoys music, cars, sports and movies.