Nijmegen PHP April 2017

This month’s meetup is sponsored by Coosto!

Meet up with your fellow PHP developers from the Nijmegen area. 

Have a drink, a slice of pizza and a great presentation! 

18.30h – Doors open
19.00h – Pizza delivery!
20.00h – Talk by Arjen de Ruiter    
21.00h – Closing 
21.15h – Drinks & socials

Talk by Arjen de Ruiter (CTO @ Coosto)

Many companies are successful in building great products and features, but as a result of that, the number of engineers and the codebase increases. This can lead to growing pains and even to less fun for the developers. However, there are effective solutions to scaling up and keeping the fun. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: service architecture, service platform, continuous delivery, and team structure.

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