Nijmegen PHP January 2016

Meet up with your fellow PHP developers from the Nijmegen area. 

Have a drink, a slice of pizza and a great presentation! 

18.30h – Doors open
19.00h – Pizza delivery!
20.00h – Talk – Pascal de Vink
21.00h – Closing 
21.15h – Drinks & socials

‘Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer
by Pascal de Vink

This is not a story of how I survived a big technology company or startup. This is not the story of a young junior developer working his way through the ranks to become the greatest leader of all. No. Instead, this is the story of how I became a lead developer and all the things I did wrong. It’s about delegating, culture building, mentoring, planning, meetings (oh dreadful meetings), upper management and all the other stuff that a leader has to go through. It’s also about all the fun I had and the things I learned. Next to that, I’m going to hand out some tips that can prepare you for the job a little better. And hopefully, it will inspire you to be the greatest leader of all.

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