Nijmegen PHP Juni 2016

Meet up with your fellow PHP developers from the Nijmegen area. 

Have a drink, a great meal and a great presentation! 

18.30h – Doors open
18.30h – BBQ by RootNet! 
20.00h – Extracting wisdom from stupidity – Ramon de la Fuente
21.00h – Closing 
21.15h – Drinks & socials


Extracting wisdom from stupidity by
Ramon de la Fuente

This talk is about ‘thinking’. Most of the time we take the process for granted, but so much of our daily lives depends on effective use of this most basic of abilities. It revolves around the ideas and books of Edward de Bono (6 thinking hats, lateral thinking) and how those ideas are related to a developers job.
So how does this pertain to extracting wisdom from stupidity?
I hope to show you not *what*, but *how* I learned by being stupid – and that the programmer’s love of logic can sometimes be as much an asset as an obstacle.

Ramon is a company owner, developer and family man (not necessarily in that order).
He has a strong database background. With 14+ years of experience in web development, he has seen technologies come and go – but robust design is always a must. He enjoys the puzzle of a piece of code, and the fact that there’s always more solutions to be found for a problem.
He’s also a co-founder of the SweetlakePHP user group, and an occasional writer for

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