Nijmegen PHP March 2016

Meet up with your fellow PHP developers from the Nijmegen area. 

Have a drink, a slice of pizza and …hack away! 

18.30h – Doors open
19.00h – Pizza delivery!
20.00h – Introducing OSS projects to work on
22.15h – Submit your contributions
22.30h – Closing 

Work on an OSS project
This month we’ll do things differently. Instead of sitting and listening to a talk, we expect you to bring your laptop and start working on an Open Source project!

PHP is open and so are many of the products built with PHP. To promote contributing to Open Source Software (OSS) we’ll be doing a ‘hack night’.

If you’ve never contributed to OSS before, NijmegenPHP is a great place to get started. We can help you get started with Symfony, Joomla and WordPress.

Our goal: help you getting your patch in!

Social Media 
You can find us on twitter and facebook!