Nijmegen PHP March 2017

Meet up with your fellow PHP developers from the Nijmegen area. 

Have a drink, a slice of pizza and a great presentation! 

18.30h – Doors open
19.00h – Pizza delivery!
20.00h – Joop Lammerts – Workshop Story Mapping   
21.00h – Closing 
21.15h – Drinks & socials

Workshop: Story Mapping

By Joop Lammerts

Nowadays most of us work according to the Agile principle. Scrum is the most used technique. One of the Scrum Artifacts is the Product Backlog. But what if the backlog becomes a series of users stories with no cohesion?

The answer to this is Story Mapping. Turn your Product Backlog in a story telling board. How? In this workshop I will give you some useful tips and tell you what me and my team learned at Procurios

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