NMGN.tech Mei 2018

# Schema
18.30u – Deuren open
19.45u – Opening
20.00u – Joop Lammerts – Improve your team synergy w/The Attitude Model
~21.00u – Naborrelen

Let’s talk about ego’s and how to deal with them. On one hand there are the egos of your teammates, clients, managers and so on. But on the other hand there is your own ego (yes, you have one). And sometimes these egos collide.

I’ve been a developer for quite some time now and in a previous life I was a social worker. Over the years I have participated in a lot of meetings, with a lot of different egos. And I started to notice something. People tend to do what they are best at! When the one thing the other person is good at, is the exact same thing you suck at, you have a problem. But there is a solution: The Attitude Model.

The Attitude model is not a good model, but it’s an extremely useful model. It explains and predicts how teams argue, cooperate and excel. It helps us to understand what individuals need from their team and what they bring to the table. It allows us to truly help each other move from storming to performing.

So come join me in my journey on how I became the world champion with my team (and clients).