November Meetup

## Talk: Let’s solve real world problems with blockchain 

by Frederick Vanbrabant, Made With Love

Blockchain is quickly becoming the buzzword of the year, but people tend to only link it to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But let’s take a look at some other real world problems we can solve with this technology. In this talk we will take a look at how this technology works and delve into some examples for countering blood diamonds and updating passports.

Frederick is a less-than-30-year-old developer from Antwerp with a passion for APIs and everything that surrounds them. He works as a Software Engineer at madewithlove ( and is co-organiser of PHPAntwerp ( 

## Talk: Handling media in a Laravel application

by Freek Van der Herten, Spatie

In most CMS kind of projects you’re going to let a user upload all sorts of images and files. Storing those files, associating them with models, creating thumbnails for them, optimizing images, can be a lot of work. Luckily laravel-medialibrary can do all that for you. 

In this 30 minute talk you’ll see a practical demo of how to get started with the medialibrary. You’ll learn how to store files, generate urls to them, how to use different image profiles and how to use external filesystems to store big assets.

Freek is the founder of the web development company, Spatie, based in Antwerp. They have created and maintain over 100 packages for Laravel, PHP and JavaScript. He is a very active speaker and contributor to the Laravel community, having spoke at both Laracon EU and Laracon US.

## Composer Show 
Take the floor for 10 minutes to show something you are building / have built. 

## Artisan Bar 
Speak one-on-one with other members about problems in your code or just get a second opinion on your code.

## Prizes 
Each meetup, we have a free PHPStorm licence to offer to the attendee who gets the correct answer to a programming related question.

## Venue
This meetup is kindly hosted by our awesome sponsors Betacowork & ICAB!