October Meetup – PHP Limburg BE

This month we will be hosted by Kommaboard

How we handle jobs with RabbitMQ – Peter Fastré
At Level27 we use a control panel which is created in-house. This control panel manages all aspects of our business, from domain creation over DNS management to invoicing. This means we have to interfere with a lot of different systems like server pools, external APIs and services. We’ve been using jobs since the beginning. Now the control panel reaches version 4.0, and we’ve completely rewritten the job handling to use RabbitMQ.

During this talk I’ll tell you which lessons we learned in the past, what we needed to improve and how we designed our latest job handlers. I won’t tell you this is the only way to use a queue system like RabbitMQ. But you will learn why we chose RabbitMQ over other queues and get an in-depth view in how we do what we do. This will help you to choose if you should use RabbitMQ or any queue system in your application!

The talk will be held in Dutch.

18:00 – Welcome & social, with free food & drinks 
19:00 – How we handle jobs with RabbitMQ – Peter Fastré
20:00 – Raffles 
20:15 – More social!