Oktober meetup bij Indie Group

Meetup #21 gaat door in Kortrijk, meer bepaald in de kantoren van Indie Group. Zij zijn zo vriendelijk om behalve een locatie ook drinks & bites te voorzien.

We spreken af op dinsdag 25 oktober vanaf 19u30

Joind.in: (komt eraan)

Locatie: Indie Group (Ruime parking voorzien a/d voorkant van het gebouw)


19:30 – 20:00: Welkom & Drankjes 
20:00 – 20:15: Intro PHP-WVL 
20:15 – 21:00: How we learned metric-driven-development the hard way (Michaël Boué & Mike Warner) (English)  
21:00 – 21:15: Pauze
21:15 – 22:15: Road To A Great Docker Development Environment (Ike Devolder) (Dutch)
22:15 – … : Raffle & Socializen

How we learned metric-driven-development the hard way

In order to keep quality high, and downtime low, we had to rethink our workflow, processes, and toolset.Previously we waited until we got feedback from our Customer Success team to notice major bugs or issues on production.In the worst case, customers noticed that one or more of our servers were failing before we found out.

Back to square one!

We introduced several processes and tools to start monitoring our systems.This allowed us to fix bugs before they were reported, and spin up more servers when usage was high.Additionally, it allowed us to develop with a different mindset, measuring performance impact, whilst allowing us to catch issues before releasing.Some of these tools are great. Some of them were a blessing! But there are also quite a few that didn’t match our needs.

This is a story about failing, and getting up again. About getting to know your users, but more importantly: how they use our product.This isn’t about the Holy Grail of bug squashing or how dev-ops should do their jobs, nor is it the answer to the ultimate question about Life, the Universe and Everything.We’d like to share the story of our (ongoing) quest to constantly improve our product, and inspire you to find a monitoring setup that works for you.

Be the master of your game: act instead of react.

Who are Michaël & Mike?

Zowel Mike als Michaël zijn Backend engineers bij Showpad. Mike is in z’n vrije tijd vooral bezig met muziek maken, Michaël met houtbewerking.

Road To A Great Docker Development Environment

Waiting for a description

Wie is Ike?

Ike is senior (als in oud) developer bij Studio Emma. Hij doet php en is daarnaast ook bezig met workflow en git vraagbaak. Daarbij ook diehard GNU/Linux gebruiker die houdt van projecten die door de community gedreven worden.