PHP Meetup Tilburg #12: Nash van Gool – Well-intentioned Paper Tigers

Location is the Fresheads office.

19:00 – 19:15 – Welcome + drinks
19:15 – 19:20 – Introduction
19:20 – 19:45 – Pizza
19:45 – 20:45 – Talk by Nash van Gool

Titel: Well-intentioned Paper Tigers

As developers, we learn far too little about security. What’s worse, what we do learn is usually focused on the what and how, rather than the why of things. This leads to a number of security issues caused by developers acting with the best of intentions, but either not completely hitting the mark or sometimes doing more harm than good. In this talk I seek to address this issue, fill in some gaps, and give some examples on where misunderstandings can lead to problems. Expect answers to questions like “can salts be sequential,” “how do I safely accept encrypted inputs from my users” and “how do I properly do password resets?”

About Nash:
(Web) software developer, security enthusiast, avid gamer, and surprisingly social introvert. I enjoy both building and breaking things of all sorts, though more complicated usually means more fun! I’m particularly interested in how software can go horribly wrong, both on the tech side and on the human side, and how we can prevent and/or fix these issues.