Second meetup BredaPHP – May 2015

After the success of our first meetup at E-sites there will be another meetup. This time we have a very interesting talk by Jeroen van der Gulik: ‘Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding‘ and the host is Yonego (<a></a&gt; We would like to see you there!


19:15: Welcome 
19:30: Official start of the evening, the opening 
19:35 – 19:50: Talk by Wesley van Opdorp from Yonego about how they use PHP 
19:50- 20:00: Short break 
20:00: Talk by Jeroen van der Gulik, ‘Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding’
21:00: Raffle 
21:10: Social with drinks  
22:00: End time

Parking information/entrance information

Yonego has their own parking lot and bicycle parking behind their building. This site is available via an entrance from the Prinsenkade. 

Unfortunately, there is limited parking space. If there is no parking space anymore, parking your car into the parking garage: ‘De Barones’ or ‘De Prins’ is recommended.

At your arrival you can ring the doorbell at house number 5G and go to the reception at the third floor. There you will find us. 

Talk: PHP usage at Yonego
Presentation that shows how Yonego is using PHP.

Speaker:  Wesley van Opdorp

TalkObject Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding
Code tells a story, but is it the actual story the original author wanted to tell? A lot of time the original story gets lost, as new functionality gets bolted on, or key parts are extracted, leaving behind an incomplete picture. These repurposed objects might pass all the unit tests but have no actual meaning in the context of the original story.

We will take a look at how we can more easily communicate the purpose of code to future developers, by introducing contracts and immutability, and using explicit context bound language, to give meaning to the code and keep the story whole.

Speaker: Jeroen van der Gulik

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