September meetup: Analysing your logs with ELK and Docker

18:30 – 19:25: Ontvangst met pizza’s
19:25 – 19:30: Introductie
19:30 – 20:30: Analysing your logs with ELK and Docker
20:30: Social (we zoeken nog steeds gadgets om te verloten)

Analysing your logs with ELK and Docker

Imagine your website suddenly runs slow from one minute to the other. You have done no code updates, no server updates and you can not see any errors in the logs. The first thing you do is call your host to ask them what is going on.

After some time and a lots of dead ends, you ask them for information about load, visits, and visitors. But you don’t get them and you have no access to their data but you do to the apache logs.

This talk is about how I was able to get the data I wanted using Docker and ELK to see what IP addresses were hitting the servers harder than they should and all the other data I could acquire by downloading and importing the acces logs and some handy filters without having to create a complete ELK stack of my own.

Melvin Louwerse

Melvin is een software engineer @Ibuildings.  Naast zijn (werk)ervaring met grote projecten, zoals ShapeWays,, verzekeringssite en RTLnieuws, is hij in zijn vrije tijd druk met SDL2, OpenGL, Unity en zijn open-source project Travis wallboard.