September Meetup – Linking world problems to business value


18:30 – 19:25: Ontvangst met Pizza!!
19:25 – 19:30: Introductie
19:30 – 20:30: Linking world problems to business value
20:30: Social en verloting (we zoeken nog gadgets voor deze of volgende verlotingen!!)

Linking world problems to business value
Coming from a business background, I know many terms that are meant to impress stakeholders, resonate with shareholders, and seem smart to consultants. Many consultants and business meetings end up without clear understanding of action points, alignment or accountability due to a lack of understanding of the underlying business problem. The developers in the room will resonate if they think of a client telling them how to build a feature, instead of what the feature should be. As an aspiring Big Data Architect, data science for me is a methodological way of studying, data exploration, discovery of meaning, and the delivery of business value. R is a great tool for the first 3 topics mentioned here and we will explore these further in this session.

About Vlad Masek
I’m 25, born in Bucharest, Romania. Moved to Rotterdam for 3 years of bachelor, 1 year of masters and 1.5 years of work experience in Marketing and IT, and 1 year of work experience in Katowice, Poland in IT Architecture and data science consultancy. I’m a frantic reader of business, belletristic and math, science and data science.