SUGB: Reusable Symfony bundles / OWASP 10 – Leuven

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19:30 Creating reusable Symfony bundles

Creating new Symfony bundles is easy, but creating reusable bundles is a bit more difficult. In this talk Kristof will walk you through some best practices for creating bundles and give you some guidelines to make your bundles as extendable/reusable as possible. The knowledge he will share is gathered while maintaining the open source KunstmaanBundlesCMS project, which is build on top of the Symfony full stack framework.

Kristof Jochmans is an experienced web developer working for Kunstmaan, a communication agency in Leuven and has been building websites for over 10 years. About 4 years ago he started working with the Symfony Framework, and that is still his main weapon of choice for building large enterprise web applications. 

20:30 OWASP 10 Web Application Hardening 

In our modern always-connected society, web application hardening is a very important topic for every webdeveloper. There are lots of different types of attacks used by malware to bypass the existing security controls in your web application, and the battle against these attacks is an ongoing battle in an ever-changing field.

Erwin Geirnaert, co-founder of ZIONSECURITY, is a well-known security expert in application security. He will talk about theOWASP Top 10 and how you as a developer can protect your application against such attacks. He knows what countermeasures the industry develops to protect web applications, also as how malware is being developed to bypass these solutions.