Symfony 4 and 3.4 LTS are here

November will be a month of new big Symfony releases. Let’s have a get together for drinks and talk about how you are using Symfony (can be about the new releases / features but not limited to). The concept is lightning talks. Please get in touch so we can add your case:
ot: Bottom-Slot 1(top)
size: 4GiB
We already have 3 cases:

– Hypotheek.winkel command bus pattern, eID integration, custom rules engine (Intracto)

– Drupal 8 that uses Sylius as a data transition layer (Intracto)

– big online educational platform from Acco, built on Symfony (Intracto)

The bar is open open at 19:00. We have sandwiches. Presentations start at 19:30.