Symfony Coding Party #1

Dear Symfonians,

Welcome to the first Symfony Coding Party!

What is it? It is a Coding Party!

For whom is it? For any php coder, from symfony newbies to symfony experts.

What will we do? We will code during 5h. Anything. Everything.

How will we do it? Everyone brings his laptop. It is not necessary to arrive at 17h sharp, but be aware that we have to leave the room at 22h. 

Why should you come? If you are new to symfony, to learn how to begin with it. If you are fluent in symfony, either to help or to get help. And if you are an expert, just come to share your knowledge or to share a beer. Your choice.

Don’t come alone, bring friends with you that would like to discover symfony or share their knowledge about it!

Best regards,

The SUGB Team

This meetup is made possible by the sponsoring of Betacowork and ICAB: