Symfony UGB June: Summer starts now!

Fellow Symfonians,

Summer is arriving in Belgium and with it a new Symfony meetup. We’re very happy to announce that Stardekk is hosting our June edition in the Jan Breydelstadion in Bruges.


19h00 Welcome 
19h30 1st talk: Building maintainable (Symfony) applications – by Wouter Sioen
20h30 Break 
21h00 2nd talk:  Vim for PHP Developers
21h45 Social


Building maintainable (Symfony) applications – Wouter Sioen

Everyone knows the feeling of looking back at his own code after a year and wondering how to do that specific change the client requested. This talk will cover some ways to make your code more maintainable, both by yourself or by other developers. It will contain a broad range of tips containing pre-commits, testing, object calisthenics, continuous integration and more.

Vim for PHP Developers – Ike Devolder

Why on earth would you use Vim for PHP development with all those shiny IDE’s out there? Well, Ike’s going to tell us why 🙂

Do you wanna talk about a very cool Symfony bundle, a project you are working on or something completely different? Get in touch via the contact button on your left.

Thanks a lot Stardekk for hosting this meetup and providing the wonderful venue!

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