Tuesday 27 August – Lightning talks @ DeltaBlue

Tuesday 27 August

Lightning talks @ DeltaBlue

On the 27th of August, we are invited to the headquarters of DeltaBlue (https://delta.blue) @ Corda!

DeltaBlue designs, builds and maintains high-performance cloud solutions,
manages and improves your workspace and infrastructure,
offers assistance for complex development projects.

DeltaBlue provides us a place with food and drinks.

This meetup we bring you 3 interesting lightning talks and a quiz!

We only have space for 30 people, so please RSVP at the speed of light! If you have any special dietary needs please feel free to contact us.

18:30 – Welcome social: food + drinks
20:00 – Taking the command bus – by Maarten Scholz
20:15 – Living on the edge (of Symfony) – by Serkan Yildiz
20:45 – Small break
21:00 – Code(rs) for the long term – by Jan Fabry
21:20 – Lightning quiz and more social

The meetup will be hosted in Corda 1.

= TALK: Taking the command bus =
The command bus patterns is a very handy pattern which everyone seems to be using these days. Since it’s just a tactical pattern people have been using it in different ways to different ends. In this talk for beginning to intermediate PHP developers, we’ll take a look a the command bus as a service layer.

Maarten Scholz is creating websites since the moment er discovered you could create something with just typing some words in a text editor, but professionally for about 7 years. He likes working in legacy PHP codebases, doing DDD and doing some front-end work with ReactJS.

= TALK: Living on the edge (of Symfony) =
Symfony 4.3 came with a bunch of new features, new components, and deprecations.
In this lightning talk, we’ll walk through the newly added features, components, and deprecations so you can upgrade your code and make use of those features to be ready for the next release, Symfony 5, which will be released at the end of this year.

Serkan Yildiz is a PHP consultant working at PHPro. Loves to deep dive into Symfony and spread the knowledge and eat kebab.

= TALK: Code(rs) for the long term =
Based on the experience of operations in small and large organizations,
Jan will try to find out what makes the difference between applications
that last for a long time, and applications that are killed quickly –
but may haunt you forever…

Jan Fabry used to be a PHP developer in the age before namespaces. Via
Mobile Vikings he entered the world of operations, but always with
compassion for developers and their unrealistic deadlines. Nowadays, you
can encounter him in different organizations as an external consultant,
preaching his wisdom to anyone who wants to listen.