Use Domain Story Telling to explore Trading ElePHPants

• What we’ll do
As you know, we’re trying something different with SweetlakePHP. We’d like to experience all the aspects of maintaining a product, and the best way we could thing of is to maintain an actual product:!

In the next few months, we would like to visit different aspects of building this project together with you. Check out the source here:

In this session, we want to work out the specifics of our *most wanted* new feature: Trading ElePHPants!

In order to break this new big feature into smaller parts, we should first try to explore the domain. What is trading all about? Who does what? And what should we actually try to facilitate in our product?
— We will try the “Domain Story Telling” technique:

Call for help:
That means we need some experienced ElePHPant traders to help out as domain experts…
Mind you, you don’t _actually_ have to trade ElePHPant for a living! Anyone willing to help can assist.
— the experts will get together an hour before the meetup and lay out the story over dinner.

The rest of the evening will be free-form. Discuss the used methods with others, try some other modelling technique or open the laptop and actually write some code for the project!
If you want to learn about the technologies used, there will be people available to explain and help out. This includes:
– Event sourcing (with Prooph)
– Behaviour driven development BDD (with phpspec)
– Static code analysis (with PHPstan)
– Automated deploys (with Ansible)

…and any other part of the codebase or the system. And if you already know some of those things, maybe you could be available for others to learn from you?

• What to bring
Bring a laptop if you want to get into the code!

• Important to know