Weekend Workshop: Technical Speaking

For our next weekend workshop, we’re going to help you build the gift of gab. Public speaking is an amazing way to open up your career, meet awesome new people and attend great events. And the secret is: you can totally do it!

We’ll set you up in groups of 4 or 5 and pair you with an experienced speaker as your coach. They’ll listen to your talks, give you advice and help you add that special stage-ready sparkle to your speaking skills.

What To Bring:

• A sample presentation you’d like to work on improving.

• A laptop you can present on

• Your coaches will likely ask you to show a 5 minute selection from your talk; it’s good to pick a section of the talk that focuses on the subject rather than intro, case-building, etc.

• A readiness to laugh! Depending on your coach, we might do some speaking or drama exercises. These might feel silly or weird, but none are required and we promise it’ll help. 🙂

If you RSVP yes, please be absolutely sure you can make it. We only have a certain number of slots and we want to be sure they get used.

Depending on demand, we may add more coaches so don’t be afraid to hop on the waiting list.

Lunch & Drinks
We’ll be providing lunch, as well as coffee and tea throughout the day. Just let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.