View On Date Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 7:30 PM Join us in our bi-monthly meetup.┬áLearn, meet, share and teach. This meetup Joshua Thijssen will tell us all about theorems […]

View On Date Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 5:00 PM Dear Symfonians, Welcome to the first Symfony Coding Party! What is it? It is a Coding Party! For whom is […]

View On Date Thursday, 18 May 2017 7:00 PM Talk:┬áDemystifying cache in Doctrine ORM “Applications should be fast regardless of any cache system. However, sometimes we do need to […]

View On Date Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 7:00 PM This month’s meetup features a special guest, all the way from Germany: Andreas Heigl. His talk will be about the […]

View On Date Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017 7:00 PM On a scale of 1 to 10, is your love for Javascript NaN? Do you ever feel like your function […]