PHPBenelux started in 2008 as a collaboration between two PHP user groups PHPBelgium and PHP Gebruikersgroep (phpGG).

In those early days we traveled from area to area within Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg organising monthly meetups for PHP enthusiasts. Each month we traveled to a new area, leaving a void in the areas we already visited. Slowly but certainly local developers stood up and started their own local user group.

As more and more user groups started in the Benelux region, our role became more that of a facilitator and enabler rather than organiser of meetup group events.

Image of all PHP user groups within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
PHPBenelux with local user groups in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg

In 2010 we started our first PHP conference in Antwerp. We have been organising this annual event ever since, always the last full weekend of January.